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Marketing research specialists in the field of qualitative and quantitative studies.

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Cabinet Michel Biroulès was created in February, 1968 as a private firm.
As a result of the needs expressed both by our Client-Firms and advertising agencies, a new branch of Cabinet Michel Biroules was developed in 1992, with the aim of specializing in ultra rapid service market research.
Admittedly, thanks to the establishment of this department, we are now in a position to provide our clients with the essential data on a specific market within a time period of 2/3 weeks.



The scope of studies conducted both in the past and present deal with:

New product / service testing
Demand estimation
Advertising effectiveness
Brand awareness / preference
Pricing strategy
Packaging design
Product enhancements
Qualitative segmentation
Search for a company name and logo
On - site analysis of the sales force and distribution analysis
Corporate image and identity
Industry economic forecasting
Market share estimates
Market feasibility
Marketing audit


Studies conducted in this domain bear more specifically on :

Motivation and attitude studies, including methodology such as :
In - depth, personal interviews (1)
Semi - depth interviews (1)
Projective tests
Panel discussions / focus groups (1)
Creativity tests : product, packaging, product name, slogan research
Pretest and post-test of advertising communication (press, T.V., radio, films, billboards)
arket tests
Qualitative segmentation (both French and American systems)
Research for company name and logo
On-site analysis of sales force and distribution channels

(1) These interviews are video and/or tape recorded. Focus groups, whenever possible, are conducted at Gestion et Motivation's in-house facilities with closed-circuit video relay, to enable viewing by the company's researchers/psychologists as well as the Client-Firm.


Market research
Satisfaction research
(by phone, mail and individual interviewing methods)
Consumer profile
Competition profile
Distribution channel studies
Pricing studies
Survey and personal interview concept and analysis
Quantitative segmentation of the market


Diagnosis of a company
Concept and profitability of business activities
Structural organization of a company
Sales force recruiting and evaluation
Product planning
Product import / export : feasibility study


To identify to analyze...

To analyze to act...


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